Peri Vallon Shark Costume Hat

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  • Great White Shark party dress up hats
  • ALL OCCASIONS – ok, maybe not for a funeral, but certainly for most occasions like office parties, reunions, birthdays, photo booths, Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, Weddings, Camp, School (the cool type), for girls, boys and so much more.
  • PARTY CENTER – get it going with this awesome show stopping hat – be the center of the party, lend out your hat, wear it proudly and everyone will have fun and get a kick out of this hat
  • LARGE – fits most adults and kids, tail wavers in the wind and razor sharp teeth potrude all around your head as your head is swollowed in the mouth the giant white shark
  • FEARFUL - Tread carefully and scare your friends as you appear swollowed by the GREAT WHITE - will certainly be very entertaining