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Loofah Lord Whole Body Exfoliating Kit, Includes Pouf Ball Loofah, Back Scrubber And Exfoliating Glove, Cute Pouch Included In Blue or Pink Perfect For Giveaways, Spa, Hotels, Men And Women

  • INCLUSION - Each kit comes with a 4" Loofah Ball, an 8X5.5 " Glove, 23X3.5" Back Scrubber and a Cute Pouch to carry and store Exfoliating Kit. Also Perfect for Gifts, Giveaways, or Hotels favors, AirBnb, New Bathrooms, Bed & Breakfast Establishments.
  • LOOFAH BALL - Each loofah ball is suitable for most adults and kids. They are the ideal size for exfoliating dirt easily and creating richer and longer lathers.
  • BACK SCRUBBER - The two sides of the back scrubber for scrubbing and cleaning the parts of your back that you can't reach. They are soft and can be folded which you can store easily.
  • EXFOLIATING GLOVE - The glove has a dual texture on both sides perfect for cleaning your face and body which gives you a relaxing cleansing session that leaves your skin feeling smoother and more vibrant.
  • ALL YOU NEED PACKAGE - Exfoliates your whole body while keeping it healthy and smooth by promoting healthy skin and getting rid of damaged and dead skin