Loofah Lord Apple Loofah Assorted Colors

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  • Assorted neon colored apples, each featuring the classic 2 leafs with a modern twist of blue, purple and pink, besides for the traditional golden delicious and green granny apple
  • These loofahs are layered thickly to help the soap expand and release lots of bubbles and they fit snug in the palm of your hand, giving you complete control and are comfrotable to the skin - each loofah is approx. 2.5 inch X 3 inches
  • String Attached for convenient hanging purposes, Perfect For Drying Loofah Out And Avoiding Mold Growth
  • Wholesale Lot of Adorable Assorted Apple Fruit Style Bath or Shower Loofahs Made of high-quality mesh
  • Great as party favors, hanging ornaments, birthdays, gifts and so much more