Colorful Magic Circle Fidget Toy - 1 Dozen

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The Magic Circle is the latest addition to the world of fidget toys, designed to provide endless entertainment and sensory stimulation. The toy features a unique tower shape made up of colorful plastic pieces that slide in and out of each other, creating a mesmerizing display of movement.

At the center of the tower is an open star shape, which adds to the visual appeal of the toy. The plastic pieces move back and forth, up and down, creating a constantly changing pattern of colors and shapes that is both calming and stimulating.

The Magic Circle is perfect for individuals of all ages who need a distraction or a way to relieve stress and anxiety. The toy is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around in a pocket or bag, and its colorful design is sure to catch the eye and provide a fun and engaging sensory experience.

Overall, the Magic Circle is a must-have for anyone who enjoys fidgeting and wants a fun and unique way to stay focused and relaxed.